Sunday, September 7, 2008

I know it has been forever.

kaylee 6 weeks old
kaylees blessing day
chase loves his sister
1st bath

1st camping trip
2 weeks old

7 weeks old

Kaylee is going to be 8 weeks old tommrow so i felt it was time to update the blog.

Kaylee is growing so fast. She is alot of work, but so worth it!! We love her so much she is getting stronger and stronger everyday. I guess you dont relize how sick someone is until they get better. well here are some pictures Enjoy!! WE LOVE YOU ALL

Friday, July 25, 2008

Windstorm Damage

When the neighbor's tree fell down, it just barely missed
the minivan.
Vida Lee had to help me back out between the limbs.
It knocked down our power line, but we still had power until
MidAmerican Energy came and cut the line that was in the

Kaylee Schwab Pics

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Me and My Buddy

Walter and Chase are the best of buddies! They really love playing together. Chase especially likes playing with Walter because he doesn't t get in trouble for playing too rough, with Walter the rougher the better. The funny thing about these 2 are they are 8 months apart but as far as size goes they are pretty close. I am so greatful that Chase has cousins so close that love him We just wish they were all here.

Monday, April 14, 2008

19 month pictures continued

I am not sure how i goofed that one up but i was not able to get text with the pictures. Just wanted to say i think that My sons hair is getting more and more RED!!! any one else think so?
I sure LOVE LOVE My handsome boy Even if he might be a red head!!

19 Month Pictures

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Henry Doorley Zoo

This weekend we also went to the zoo. I am not sure how many of you have been there but it is so much fun and definitely, worth the time We were not sure what Chase would think of it, but he loved it!!! these pictures got kinda jumbled so bear with me

1. The first picture is of Chase in the Jungle it was so neat watching him look around and
recognize the animals in the trees . When he would see a bird he would point and say "bock bock bock"and then point it was so funny. one of the times he looked out and saw the monkeys jumping around and he just pointed and laughed it was the best.
2. This is a picture of Chase and Carl climbing up so you can look over the jungle
3. In the over head aquarium it is so neat the sharks and fish swim over you and it is really neat to see.
4. This picture is in the Gorilla House this little guy took a liking to my Chasey he just sat and looked at him about 2 inches away. All the sudden Chase got nervous so unfortunately this is when he was starting to get scared . ( this Gorilla was so funny it got alot of enjoyment of running by the kids and pounding the windows and making the kids scream i was really glad he didnt so it to Chase cuz i think it would have freaked him out.
5. This picture is at the petting zoo, he was so freaked out at first by the billy goats, but once he saw the other kids petting them he was good to go.
The last 2 pictures are in the jungle. they got jumbled up.